Beer Terminology with John Bonney; Ep 002

Beer Terminology with John Bonney; Ep 002

Each adventure that you find yourself on seems to come with it’s own set of vocabulary words. In this week’s episode we sit down with Dr. John Bonney; we find ourselves referring to him as Dr. Beer. Dr. Beer demystifies a number of terms that are new to us and sheds some light on a few we were a bit confused by.


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This episode takes place at Foundation Brewing Company’s brewery ( on a humid summer day. You can hear the sounds of the brewery happening all around.

We try two different beers this week: Eddy, a traditional saison and Wanderlust, a hoppy farmhouse

John goes into detail on the history of saisons and shows his true beer geekery side. Amanda wants to be signed up for the barnyard funk. Jen gets hit in the face with barley and hops and Jane tests herself trying to figure out what the heck acid rest is. (Find the list Jane references HERE.)

We talk beer trending towards more seasonal beers and away from the crazy high alcohol trends of ole (See this video for further info: The ladies decide to design a trivia game around dinosaur names and beer terms.

John tells of his love of Bugs Bunny and The Clash song he has stuck in his head

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Be sure to head over to or or comment below and tell us any terms you are still confused by.

Next week we have another great guest lined up for you and another topic to delve into.

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