Maine Beer History with Michael LaCharite; Ep 003

Maine Beer History with Michael LaCharite; Ep 003

Brewing in Maine died out with prohibition! It only started back up again in 1986 thanks to David L Geary. In this episode we dig deep into the history of beer in Maine. We sit down with Michael LaCharite who has an impressive amount of knowledge about Maine beer’s history.


This episode takes place at Frontier Cafe + Cinema + Gallery. ( in Brunswick, Maine. They lent us their cinema space for the evening and we were able to record with a lovely band playing in the background. This was our very first interview as a team. We had only met twice before! We are certain that you will be able to see where we have changed and learned since this was recorded.

We try two different beers this weeks: Allagash White, a Belgian style white beer and Bissell Brothers’ The Substance, an American IPA

Michael takes us back through the years with help from Will Anderson’s book The Great State of Maine Beer Book (available through and Josh Christie’s (he’s on twitter book Maine Beer: Brewing in Vationland (also available at

Amanda professes her love for Mr. D.L. Geary ( and Jane offers a rhythmic humming to accompany Michael’s little beer ditty. We talk about flexitarianism ( and Michael’s pal Susie Q. (We tried to find her blog but are still searching the internet.)

Wile E. Coyote ( and his elusive ways are at the top of Michael’s childhood cartoon must watch list and we are told of the amazingness of Frank Zappa. (

The music in today’s episode is by Old Etc. You can learn more about them at and you can download their music over at

Be sure to head over to or or comment below and tell us where you were 1986!

Next week we have another great guest lined up for you and another topic to delve into.

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