Helping others drink good beer with Jonathan Pickering; Ep 004

Helping others drink good beer with Jonathan Pickering; Ep 004

Beer is an acquired taste they say. Craft beer, with all of it’s complexities, takes a little longer for some to acquire. In today’s episode of Great Beer Adventure, we speak to Jonathan Pickering of SoMe Brewing about helping your non craft drinking friends enter into the awesomeness of micro brews.


This episode was recorded at the tasting room of SoMe Brewing down in York, ME. Just 3 days before this episode was recorded Amanda met Jonathan at the tasting room. His one liners and passion for introducing non-beer drinkers to good beer made him perfect for this show. The space is a small room filled with a beautiful bar and a few tables with little pieces of art and some bottle caps inlaid into them.

We try two different beers this week both by SoMe Brewing( Dent Head Hefeweizen and Mainely Pale Ale.

Jonathan teaches us that it is best to get to know what your non beer drinking friend enjoys to drink and offer them beers that fall into the same flavor profile and then explaining to them what they will be tasting before they taste it. We also discuss that some people will need to try many beers before they find one that they enjoy and if all else fails there will just be more beer for you!

During our final round all things get screwy. Meowing abounds and Amanda gets fixated on Lego Lions. Jonathan defends his love of what seemingly is all things cats and Jen can’t stop laughing.

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Apologies to Bub, Miller, Coors, Rolling Rock, Heineken, Stella and wine for trying to sway more people away from you.

The article Amanda references at the end of the episode: What is a Nano Brewery?

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