Lively Brewing Co. with Jen Lively; Ep 005

Lively Brewing Co. with Jen Lively; Ep 005

Maine is home to many amazing breweries and brew pubs. This week we look at Lively Brewing Co. in Brunswick, Maine! Jen Lively sits down with us and tells us how Lion’s Pride transformed from a place to just get good beer and food to a place that also makes great beer.

This episode was recorded at Ebenezer’s Brewpub in Brunswick, Maine. This episode was taped back while winter still had its hold on Maine’s springtime. At the last moment Chris Lively (the other half of the Lively duo) wasn’t able to sit down with us so Jen heroically stepped in. We are so happy to have the chance to sit down with such a fun and interesting women. (Wait till you hear what she did to Cantillon back before she knew what Cantillon was!)


We try three different beers this week all by Lively Brewing ( Lively Rye, a winter saison; Njammie, a Belgian IPA & Filthy Rich, an imperial stout.

While Ebenezer’s Pub ( and Lion’s Pride Pub (Now Ebenezer’s Brewpub) have been around for awhile; Lively Brewing is only a little over a year old. For over 5 years the Livelys have been wanting to open a brewpub but due to a number of different reasons, it took time to make the jump. Listen in to learn what Jen has to say about it all.

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Next week we start our in-depth look at the ingredients that make beer!

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