Water & Beer with Nathan Sanborn; Ep 006

Water & Beer with Nathan Sanborn; Ep 006

Water makes up 90 – 95% of beer. Without water there would be no beer; unless it is freeze dried for the astronauts. This week we sit down with Nathan Sanborn of Rising Tide and start our series looking at the ingredients of beer; water, hops, malt and yeast. We will end this series making a batch of beer ourselves.

We'll have one of each!

We’ll have one of each!

This episode was recorded at the Rising Tide brewery in the back office. It is actually right off the brewery floor on your way from the tasting room to the restroom. We actually had a gentleman walk by and wave franticly at us during the interview. We all played it cool and you can’t tell where that went down in the audio.


We try two different beers this week both by Rising Tide Brewing Company (http://www.risingtidebrewing.com): Gose, a gose & Daymark (http://www.risingtidebrewing.com/daymark), an American Pale Ale.

We find out that the Gose is not a vegan beer and luckily for Jane’s love interest she is not a vegan. Jane also throws a shout out to Bill Nye. We discuss how much better our education system would be if beer was involved and Nathan teaches a new technical beer term: bejesus. And there is a whole book on water and brewing! Check it out: http://www.brewerspublications.com/authors/colin-kaminski/

A quick little clip of the front of the brewery.

Your weekly dose of youtube clips (brought to you by Nathan Sanborn https://twitter.com/risingtidebeer) :

Tom & Jerry:

Zoot Cat –

Mice Follies (sort of about water!) –

And here’s Engine Driver by the Decemberists –

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Next week we will bring you another episode, this time on hops and sheep!

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