Yeast Eats Sugar with Dash Masland; Ep 009

Yeast Eats Sugar with Dash Masland; Ep 009

Yeast is so powerful that it can take sugar and turn it into alcohol. It could also make a few things explode! This week we sit down with Dash Masland of Oxbow Brewing Company and continue our series looking at the ingredients of beer; water, hops, malt and yeast. We will end this series making a batch of beer ourselves.

When you sit down with a scientist you expect to have many things fly right over head but Dash Masland breaks everything down for us! We learn about Farmouse glassware, #BeerDNA and grisettes. We joined Dash at the Oxbow’s Portland Blending & Bottling tasting room. We were surrounded with amazing graffiti and other forms of art including a piece by There were skateboards aplenty and the motion sensor lights kept going dark.


We try two different beers this week; both of which were by Oxbow ( We had Grizacca; an American grisette and Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale, Oxbow’s flagship beer that was barreled age with Bret.

And a video collage of our time at Oxbow:

We learn about yeast and that Yarmouth Maine does have a sandpit. We find out the process in which Dash went through to make her #BeerDNA art. (Check it out: Jen pines for skateboards, Jane discusses salt & vinegar chips and Amanda admits she never went to a pit-party.

Your weekly dose of youtube clips:

The Simpsons (a collection of Moe Clips):

A little Tiny Toon Adventures just for Dash:

Amy and The Engine: Patience

and as a bonus:

Amy Allen: Love Fool

Be sure to head over to or or comment below and share your home brewing secrets. We will be trying it out soon and it’s been awhile.

Next week we will bring you another episode, home brewing here we come!

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PS You need to follow the Beer Babe ( and the Active Beer Geek (! They are good people with a crazy amount of knowledge. Also do yourself a favor and check out Dash’s art; it really is quite beautiful!

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