And we home-brew…with Matt; Ep 010

And we home-brew…with Matt; Ep 010

Home-brewing utilizes the ingredients of beer in an amazingly tasty hobby! This week we ask a local home brewer to be a little crazy and throw some sea water into the mix. This is our last episode of the series on the ingredients of beer. Next week we look at something a little “Funky”!

Matt is an accountant by training with a highly analytical side perfect for being able to precisely make beer to the style. Amanda on the other hand is a crazy nut-case that wants to throw all the things at a batch. Matt seems to be willing to roll with the punches, when asked nicely enough. This week’s episode takes out to Gorham, Maine where there seems to be more grass than buildings. We fend off the heat of the day with some home brews in the garage!

We try three different beers all brewed by Matt himself: saison 1, hefeweizen 1 and chocolate milk stout 1.

We learn a little about the childhood of an accountant. Amanda laments about college days and Jane just lets her.


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Your weekly dose of youtube clips (are a little different):

Sportscenter circa 1986:

Classic Concentration circa 1987:

And the Team Umizoomi theme song:

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Next week we will bring you another episode & the story behind a local brewery!

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PS Amanda got a bit silly during editing!

PSSS We checked in on our beer:

PSSSS Don’t forget to check out our youtube page to see a video of our brew day!

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