A Funky Bonus Episode; Ep 012

A Funky Bonus Episode; Ep 012

We know it’s not Friday but we wanted to share a bonus episode with you all. Funky Bow Brewery has delicious beers and brewers with crazy stories. We wanted to share all they had to say in a way that was as authentic and unfiltered as possible. 

Maine Craft Beer

Paul and Abraham talking beer and anything else they want to talk about.

While this episode doesn’t flow as smoothly as most our shows we learn a lot about the father/ son team at Funky Bow Brewery. Paul and Abraham don’t waste time bringing us into the fold, we are immediately told stories and jokes and the likes.


We try two beers, both by Funky Bow Brewery & Beer Company! (Find them on Facebook!) We try the Panama Red Ale and Midnight Special Coffee Porter.


We learn about mung-beans and chicken milk. We find out that Paul enjoys telling a tall tale and loves Gumbi. Abraham explains you can never have too many halves and has a fan girl that steps in during the middle of the interview.

Your weekly dose of youtube clips:



Tooter Turtle:






Walking down the line – Sean Hayes:


Please don’t bury me – John Prine


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We’ll be back in 2 weeks with another episode!

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