Canning something Legendary; Ep 013

Canning something Legendary; Ep 013

Ever wonder why a brewery decides to change from bottles to cans?? We sit down with Kai Adams from Sebago Brewing and ask him just that! We are still fighting gremlins but we think we have finally flushed out the last of them. 

As we walked into the brewery Kai exclaims that we need a beer! We head over to the bottling line and he finds the coldest beers he can. We crack open the most fresh and cold Frye’s Leap we have ever had. We know we are in for a great interview. During the interview Kai not only lets us in on a special packaging detail that will be hitting stores in the near future he also pops on a little Bruno Mars and sings along.


Besides the super fresh Frye’s Leap IPA we try an additional 2 beers by Sebago Brewing ( ): Bonfire Rye and Hop Swap which is an IPA that switches which hops is used each year.

We learn that Kai does not want mayo or cream cheese in his mash potatoes and that Amanda denies breaking any laws; ever, and shows us once again that she doesn’t have a clue who sings what! And we welcome Jack Butcher on as our new editor!

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