Portland Beer Week with Allison Stevens; Ep 016

Portland Beer Week with Allison Stevens; Ep 016

What happens when a bar owner decides she wants to showcase the local beers in a big way? She starts a Portland Beer Week! On this week’s episode we speak to Allison Stevens of the Thirsty Pig about how and why she decided to start Portland Beer Week.

Allison agrees to sit down with us the day after she returned from a trip across the sea to learn all she could about Oktoberfest and how sausages are done in Europe! We share a beer and learn all about Portland Beer Week and the great things that are happening here, in Maine, November 1 – 7.


To learn more about the events or to even become a volunteer by going to http://www.portlandbeerweek.org


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Seeing we don’t have a video of Allison singing in the aisles of her local grocery store we’ll show a video of her talking about Portland Beer Week.


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