Opening a Brewery with Fore River Brewing; Ep 018

Opening a Brewery with Fore River Brewing; Ep 018

Opening a brewery is not a venture to enter into lightly. The application and the waiting time alone is enough to cause you sleepless nights and hair loss. We sit down with John LeGassey and T.J. Hansen and learn all about the opening of Fore River Brewing Company. 

Fore River Brewing Company South Portland Maine

John LeGassey and T.J. Hansen of the soon to be opened Fore River Brewing.

Many a home-brewer thinks of opening a brewery, especially when their friends exclaim how good their beer is. Few actually go through with it. T.J. and John tell us about what it really takes to open a brewery; offering tips to those that look to follow the same path they have chosen. Jen and Amanda try as they might to move into the brewery and Dustin, our photographer makes his big debut! Be sure to check out the entire gallery!

The team tries out Boom Sauce ( by Lord Hobo Brewing Company!  (Our first out of state beer on the show!!)

We learn about a key player in the start up of the dream that Fore River is and we hear not a single peep from the truly silent partner, Alex Anastasoff.

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