Beer Navigation & Whales with Kevin Broydrick; Ep 020

Beer Navigation & Whales with Kevin Broydrick; Ep 020

Kevin Broydrick is living the dream not only working in a beer store but also writing a beer column “The Clink” in the Portland Phoenix. Amanda and Jen sit down with him at Novare Res Bier Cafe  and talk apple picking and the hunt for the great white whale of beer over two local Double IPAs: Foundation Epiphany and Banded Horn Daikaiju.


novare res portland maine

Kevin Broydrick talking about chasing the whale in beers

When it comes to walking into a beer store and picking a brew it’s important not to be intimidated. This is a non judgemental zone; know what you like whether it’s hop forward and fruity, dark and roasty, or funky and sour. It is much easier for the employee to recommend the correct beer to you if you can tell them what you do like. Pro Tip: never ask what’s special; they are all special. Amanda brings up her experience as a beer bus tour guide and telling everyone to keep an open mind and find out what you do like about beer while Kevin reminds us it’s a great time for beer: no longer is there just three types of beer and you can make a believer out of anyone if you find the right one.

We learn Kevin’s best beer memory is discovering wild fermented brett and barrel ales, specifically Anchorage Love Buzz Saison and that beer can be anything, it all depends on how you make it. As well as the true success in any romance: homemade ramen.


Kevin’s article in the Portland Phoenix about beer whales


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