Barreled Fermentation with Chris Schofield; Ep 025

Barreled Fermentation with Chris Schofield; Ep 025

Walking into a modern brewery you see lots of shiny stainless steel. Often on the side there will be a barrel or a few filled as part of their aging program. You might think that this is the only way to do it but you would be wrong. Walking into Barreled Souls Brewing Company you see more barrels than stainless. You might think that they have an intense aging program. You wouldn’t be completely wrong but you would be missing half the story.

Barreled Souls Brewing Company Saco Maine

Chris Schofield from Barreled Souls chats with us about barrel fermentation.

Barreled Souls does things a little differently. They not only use barrels to age their beer they use them to ferment the beer too and for good reason. Before you go out and try fermenting your own beers in barrels listen in to see why they chose to go this route and how they make sure the barrels don’t explode.

Jane, Chris and Amanda try two beers from the Barreled Souls line up: Pale Ale Turkey Edition and Dark Matter which there is more known about what it is not than what it is. During the tasting the trio discusses all of the crazy things Chris tries out in his beers: bacon, cinnamon, canned cranberry and sugar kelp, to name a few.

Jane and Chris have a great conversation about grammar and the Oxford comma, while Amanda sits there mostly lost and carrying on about soul’s soles. The interview changes locations and Flow (Chris’ lovely rescue) adds her two cents.

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