Sharing Beer Stories – A Christmas Special; Ep 026

Sharing Beer Stories – A Christmas Special; Ep 026

To us, here at GBA, Christmas means a time for sharing and coming together. In this episode we ask some of our past guests to tell us about their favorite beer sharing stories. During this time of year make sure to share a good beer and conversation with your loved ones.

Check out past episodes featuring our guests from today’s episode:

Nathan Sanborn chatting about water:
[spreaker episode_id=6454814]

Episode 6 Show Notes

TJ Hansen and John LeGassey chatting about opening a brewery:
[spreaker episode_id=6987146]

Episode 18 Show Notes

Tim Bissell giving us a brief bio on Gneiss Brewing:
[spreaker episode_id=7042189]

Episode 19 Show Notes

Laura Rudy chatting about beer and chocolate:
[spreaker episode_id=7344326]

Episode 24 Show Notes

Make sure to snap a picture of your favorite beer you shared this season and share it with us over on Instagram @greatbeerwomen!


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  • John White Posted January 27, 2016 9:47 am

    Loved the stories .. thanks for bringing these to the masses, they are a fun listen!!

    • Amanda Doughty Posted January 28, 2016 2:08 pm

      Thanks John! They are fun to record as well.

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