The Distribution Game with Jim O’Brien; Ep 033

The Distribution Game with Jim O’Brien; Ep 033

The beer business is a three tier system: starting with the brewer who makes the beer, the distributor gets the beer on shelves, and the seller who sells us bottles and cans ultimately making us all very happy. Brewers and shop owners are often well respected for their knowledge, and recommendations. But what about the middle child the distributor? Did you even know there was such a person involved in getting beer from the brewery to your dining room table?  This week we sit down with Jim O’Brien from Vacationland Distributors in their new warehouse space to learn the legal side of beer.

A distributor buys beer from the brewery and then sells it to stores, restaurants, and bars. However, they cannot just sell to anyone or anywhere because there are Franchise Laws that dictate who can see what and to whom. When a brewer goes under contract with a distributor it is forever!  Vacationland’s goal is to be as hungry and passionate for their brands a year in as they were on day one.

Some of the beers (and wines) Vacationland distribute include: SoMe, Fore River, Lord Hobo, Hoof Hearted, and Mangria.

What we sampled at their warehouse: Lord Hobo Boom Sauce, Transmitter Brewing F3 and Artisian Libation Co Op Ginger Libation.


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  • Nichole Stevens Posted March 29, 2016 2:22 pm

    Very informative!

    • Amanda Doughty Posted March 31, 2016 5:40 am

      We learned a lot from Jim! He was a fantastic guest.

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