Hashing and the Hare with Cumanda; Ep 035

Hashing and the Hare with Cumanda; Ep 035

Beer and… In the beer culture we are living in now that phrase and be finished in a number of different ways. In this week’s episode we look at beer and running. But not just any running; hashing. Until sitting down with a member of Portland’s Hash House Harriers, hashing was a completely foreign concept.

Portland Hash House Harriers Maine

A scavenger hunt of sorts, with a hare and beer and really great camaraderie.

Hashing seems to be the ultimate in drinking games. Not in the typical drinking game fashion of do this and then you must drink. More so that you get to play a scavenger hunt esque game and then drink with your buddies. Amanda sits down with Cuma Cuma Cumanda (not his real name but they all have hashing names, and who doesn’t love a good nick name??) and learns the ins and outs of hashing. Or as much as you can without actually going out on a hash. If you are interested in hashing checkout http://www.portlandhashers.com or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers

Shout outs to The Kings Head in Portland Maine for a warm spot to record and having tasty brews on tap. Also to Foundation Brewing for making the tasty brew Amanda and Cumanda tried: Bedrock

Amanda still has many questions about the whole hashing thing but at least it is a little less muddy. Perhaps she will go give it a try when the weather gets nicer.

You weekly dose of youtube clips:

Danger Mouse:

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Grizzly Beer – Two Weeks:

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If you have given hashing a try; let us know! Hit us up on the twitter verse @greatbeerwomen


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