Life as a brewer’s wife; Ep 039

Life as a brewer’s wife; Ep 039

Here in Maine the Brewer’s Wife has a lot in common with the Sea Captain’s Wife: many nights are spent home alone or with the kids while the men work late into the night and they provide moral and financial support while the new business blooms into something we beer drinkers take for granted. Surprisingly, there is more to being a brewer’s wife than you think. Listen in to learn what is is like to find all your missing sweaters and scarves wrapped around a fermentor in the bathroom sink and how one woman turned her Coors only drinking husband into a craft brewer.

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CHEERS! Kelly, Amy, Molly, Nicole (left to right)

Amanda sat down by the fireplace at Fore River Brewing with four brewer’s wives to find out what exactly it is like to be the wife of a brewer. Sitting around the table sharing stories and beers was Amy LeGassey: wife of John from Fore River, Nicole Nappi: wife of TJ from Fore River, Kelly Dorsey: wife of Ian from Mast Landing, and Molly Bull: wife of Tom of Dirigo.

Every business has its hurdles while going from paper to reality and brewing is no different. The common thread among each of these wives is that they have the stable job (with health insurance!) so their husbands could pursue their dreams. Nicole left a job of nine years in non-profit to take a better paying corporate job to help finance the start of Fore River. The planning stage is difficult without much family or couple time. There is also endless paperwork as Kelly exclaimed, “spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets!” Opening the brewery’s doors was just the tip of the iceberg; there are delays and revisions, industry night, grand opening night, permits, and the overlooking fear of running out of beer.

It all comes down to love, trust, and support to overcome the risks of opening a brewery. Amy said it perfectly, “Taking a chance on your dream is better than never trying.” Their love of beer and beards is what moved the needle for their husbands to go from brewing in a five-gallon pot to a room-sized tank. Molly’s advice if your significant other wants to brew professionally? “Love your brewer, love their beer.”

Are you the better half of a brewer? We want to know what your experience was like. Email us at and tell us your story.

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