Beer Cocktails; Ep 051

Beer Cocktails; Ep 051


As we explore beer cocktails, we learn (yet again) that we should be willing to take more risks in our beer drinking. Steve Corman of Vena’s Fizz House joins us to teach us a thing or two about adding booze to our beer. (Really it’s all about the bitters.)

Guide: Steve Corman of Vena’s Fizz House




Subject of Study: Beer Cocktails


Further Field Notes:

We try two different cocktails featuring Made in Maine beers. (One by Sebago & One by Allagash) It is amazing how much beers can be transformed by adding liquor and bitters. Who knew the amazing power of bitters?? Having a bbq for Dad this Father’s Day? Share one of these tasty treats with him!

Additional Notes:

Today’s episode is sponsored by Oak Hill Beverage. For store hours check out their website:!

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