Earth Eagle Brewings – Brief Brewery Bio; Ep 052

Earth Eagle Brewings – Brief Brewery Bio; Ep 052


Continuing on our tour of Portsmouth, New Hampshire we look at Earth Eagle Brewings, a tiny brewery started by a couple of home brewers. With a love of Gruits and a few recipes Earth Eagle was started in a space that wasn’t originally looked at for brewery purposes.


Josh Smith; Brewer, Earth Eagle Brewings




Subject of Study:

The story of Earth Eagle Brewings



Further Field Notes:

Our first anniversary is coming up. So crazy. It’s amazing to be able to celebrate by taking a deeper dive into Portsmouth’s beer world. The Gruits from Earth Eagle are such an interesting style if you’ve never had one BE sure to search them out next time you make it to the New Hampshire Seacoast!

Additional Notes:

Today’s episode is sponsored by Oak Hill Beverage. For store hours check out their website:!

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