Monhegan Brewing Company; Entry 062

Monhegan Brewing Company; Entry 062


Monhegan Brewing Company is on Monhegan Island – it’s 10 miles out to sea! They are creating some great craft beers and they even have a few surprises for the kids!



Mary Weber – runs the brewery with her husband Matt!





Subject of Study:

Monhegan Brewing Company – Monhegan, ME


Photography Exhibit:






















Monhegan Brewing Company is located on Monhegan Island, a small island (population 60) off the coast of Maine. It’s the perfect summertime destination to head to this seasonal brewery. It’s family owned and they actually may come to the mainland soon. They brew traditional ale, but they have also experimented with some most unusual concoctions. They also brew a non-alcoholic ginger beer and soda! It’s a hit with the kids!


Further Field Notes:

You have to take a boat to get to Monhegan Island and there are no cars or paved roads on the island. It’s an enclave for artists and Monhegan Brewing Company has used the local artists to create the labels for their beer.




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