Brewing in Vacationland – Josh Christie; Entry 065

Brewing in Vacationland – Josh Christie; Entry 065


Today we’re talking about Maine Beer with the definitive authority on Maine Brewing, Josh Christie! Josh is the author of Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland, and he’s the brains behind Today we get Josh to weigh in on the difference between Porters and Stouts, and other pressing issues!


Josh Christie, Author and Beer Authority





In October, Josh will be having the Grand Opening of his brick and mortar bookstore,  called Print, in Portland, Maine.

You can check it out at


Subject of Study:

Maine Beer – Porters, Stouts and IPA’s

Today we’re drinking:

Foulmouth Stout – from a new brewery in Maine that opened this past Summer.

Nightshift Whirlpool – it’s a light pale ale from a brewery in Massachusetts


Photography Exhibit:




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