Flying Fish Brewing Co, What Exit? Brief Brewery Bio; Entry 072

Flying Fish Brewing Co, What Exit? Brief Brewery Bio; Entry 072

In this week’s episode Amanda sits down at Flying Fish Brewing–just a slosh away from our audio editor’s house! Flying Fish has been brewing out of Somerdale New Jersey for twenty years. Robin and Gene were homebrewers that decided to take a full on plunge into full scale brewing, starting off with a 20 barrel system in 1996. Since then they’ve been supplying the northeast with classic beers that have a unique fish twist to them.

One of the most unique aspects of the brewery are their Exit series beers. These beers are an homage to New Jersey, and each one corresponds to a locale found off each of the Jersey Turnpike’s exits. Thankfully they don’t taste like road rage, lane closures, and burnt tire treads.

Take the Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout for example. This beer is brewed with oysters pulled from local estuaries. Do you think the oysters ever thought they’d be turned into beer? One day they’re just hanging out on the river bank, watching haphazard boaters ram their boats into buoys bobbing in the center of the channel (ask John, our audio editor, for a fun family story about this), and the next thing they know they’re being poured out of a tap. What a time to be alive! For a more nuanced description look below.

Exit 1 is beer brewed with oysters. The creamy flavor of English chocolate and roasted malts harmonizes with minerals from oyster shells. Irish ale yeast adds a bit of fruitiness and a dry crispness. The rich stout is perfect for cool weather-and especially delicious when paired with a few Jersey oysters on the half shell.

Robin has come along way from her high school days begrudgingly drinking Rolling Rock in the pine barrens, and she has learned volumes about our favorite drink along the way. She wants you to enjoy their beer with food, respect their brews (not just by drinking responsibly), and discover some of the wonder into what goes into every craft drink you consume.

Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s episode, and to kill the time, visit the Flying Fish Brewing links below.

This post was crafted while drinking “Shower Beer” a Czech style pilsner brewed by Champion Brewing Co. (Last note, this post was not written while in an actual shower.)


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