2 Feet Brewing Co. – Sticking With Homebrew Mentality; Entry 078

2 Feet Brewing Co. – Sticking With Homebrew Mentality; Entry 078

This week Amanda meets up with Cory Ricker of Bangor Maine’s newest craft brewery, 2 Feet Brewing. While the brewery’s name “just came” to Cory one day, he sure seems to have some solid reasoning behind it! For one, it makes more sense than an arbitrary number – like say 90 Feet Brewing. But enough about the feet, what about the beer?

Beer Spiral


What is it that sets 2 Feet apart from the rest of the Maine craft beer scene? For one, they don’t have an IPA on tap. Staying away from hoppy, American beers (mostly) and adding twists of flavor to their brews is more 2 Feet’s style. Jerry Robichaud, co-owner and brewer, brews a porter that was split into two;  half to be flavored with vanilla beans and half with bourbon soaked oak spirals. “What do oak spirals look like?” you ask. “Look to the left of this paragraph,” I say.





Beer Spotlight


Banana Bread — Weizenbock: “A medium body wheat Weizenbock with pronounced malt flavor and strong banana esters from hefeweizen yeast. It smells like banana bread straight out of the oven, but it’s not actually made with bananas.”

“What does banana bread look like?” you ask. “Not like this,” I answer.




2 Feet is a welcome addition to the Bangor ME brewing scene. Their beer inspiration (beer-spiration?) is no secret either. On their website they give some clear shoutouts to the beers and brewers that help give them the creative juice to craft excellent beverages:

“Nocturnem Draft Haus, Central Street Farmhouse, Bangor Wine and Cheese, Penobscot Bay Brewery, Black Bear Brewing, Orono Brewing Co., Airline Brewing and others.”

Cory admits that it was his wife’s passion and drive that turned a year of planning into another year of making the brewery actually come to life. Sticking with the homebrew mentality that caught people’s attention, and taste buds, in the first place, Two Feet will go forward making the beer they want to make while singling out what the crowd likes best in order to bring those brews back to tap.

“What would ya say to a beer?”

“What’s a nice beer like you doing in a place like this?”


2 Feet Brewing




  • Jerry Robichaud Posted December 24, 2016 10:12 am

    As co-brewer at 2 Feet Brewing the phrasing of my porter beers is incorrect. Cory and I do our own beers, neither of us “give” our beers to the other. Sorry to be picky about this but in all these articles that I see after the fact, somehow I am a silent partner who has little to do with the business. 2 Feet would not be as it is today without my involvement. If you can edit your article to express my views I’d appreciate it. Or we can talk more on-line or at our brewery. Thank you, Jerry

    • Amanda Doughty Posted December 26, 2016 2:31 pm

      Jerry, sorry for the incorrect info. I will be sure to go in and fix it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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