Additional places to listen to Amanda

I love to talk into microphones…so I do!!! Luckily I have amazing friends (and acquaintances) that I get to talk to!! Below find a list of shows where I have talked about all sorts of things from parenting to fish to life struggles but you have got to know by now that all stories lead back to beer!! Enjoy these additional podcasts!

Check them out!!

Drink Craft BeerThe Twisted Ten

May 4, 2017

TTT – Episode 51 – The Top Ten Reasons to Drink A Craft Beer

Our new friend Amanda from The Great Beer Adventure Podcast brings our cast perhaps the best list we have had yet. The Top Ten Reasons to Drink a Craft Beer! Her expertise in the craft beer industry and her podcast which shares all her knowledge is a perfect for our cast and our listeners.

http://www.nosittingonthesideline.comNo Sitting on the Sidelines Dad Podcast

April 18, 2017

Let your freak flag fly. Lesson in beer and parenting with my Guest Amanda Doughty

Today on the podcast my guest Amanda Dought from We talk about being parents  beer and showing your kids, it’s ok to reach for your dream. Also, let your Freak flag fly. It’s ok to be different.

http://www.winetwofive.comWine Two Five

March 30, 2017

Episode 101: Breakfast Beer With Amanda from the Great Beer Adventure Podcast!

What is a breakfast beer? Amanda Doughty from the Great Beer Adventure Podcast joins us for a morning happy hour to fill us in on this whole breakfast beer thing. During a witty poolside conversation Amanda lays down some righteous 411 that will help you drink better beer, anytime, anywhere. Raise your glasses and breakfast sandwiches, because it’s not five o’clock and, well, we don’t care!

http://memyselfandiradio.comMe, Myself & I Radio

February 18, 2017

Amanda Doughty on Me Myself and I Radio Podcast

On this episode of Me Myself and I Radio Anthony Hayes is joined by guest Amanda Doughty. Amanda Doughty is the host of a wicked awesome podcast about BEER! Yes it is true Amanda is every mans dream, but back off this is my drinking buddy for today! My co-pilot on today’s self discovery journey is a fellow podcaster and beer enthusiast. She hosts great Beer Adventure, a podcast that examines the stories behind the craft brewing industry.

http://www.fishnerds.comFish Nerds

February 13, 2017

#142 Love, Fish Nerds Style, with Great Beer Adventure : Valentines Edition

In  Disney’s animated movie Finding Nemo, the animators forgot to tell you one thing about clownfish: they can change gender!

I hate Average PodcastHosted by Jay Jacobs

January 24, 2017

Episode 28: Amanda From Great Beer Adventure

Another cool guest this week we meet up with Amanda from Great Beer Adventure. She tells us how she got started in researching beers and creating content around it. Got some cool tips on finding the right beers for us.

http://theweightlossnation.comWeight Loss Nation

June 17, 2016

Mentor Friday – Amanda Doughty

Today’s guest is Amanda Doughty! Amanda lives in Maine and is a podcaster. Her podcast is about beer, which may not exactly seem like a topic for a Weight Loss Program, but Amanda’s story of getting healthy and having a good relationship with food is compelling. That’s the reason she’s involved in Weight Loss Nation and why she’s here today.

http://www.foodsommelier.comFood Sommelier

May 13, 2016

Episode 030: Great Beer Adventure w/ Amanda Doughty

In this tasty episode, I speak with Maine resident Amanda Doughty from the Great Beer Adventure podcast which features local, and soon some not-so-local, breweries. With over 75 breweries in Maine alone, she’s got a lot to cover. While she does like to talk about beer, she’s really more interested in the stories behind the breweries, the brewers, and the beers. Amanda is also the mother of two young girls and uses her experience with overcoming multiple eating disorders to help ensure her daughters grow up having a healthy relationship with their body. Today she’s discussing all of this and much more!


March 10, 2016

InterBrews 106: Round 2 with Amanda from Great Beer Adventure

Episode 106 is our second round of beers with Great Beer Adventure host Amanda Doughty. Texian Brewing head brewer Caleb Wilson joins InterBrews host Josh Stewart in the Stew-dio to talk more Maine, beer and trains (and of course a little pro wrestling) with Amanda. This is InterBrews.

A Portland Maine podcastPlethora Podcast

March 8, 2016

Plethora #3 – Amanda Doughty of Great Beer Adventure

Amanda Doughty, the host of Great Beer Adventure podcast in Portland joins us to discuss beer, breweries, and life lessons while enduring our rambling about UFC 196, BJJ and much more. We guzzle lots of Bissell Bros beer and get down to business.


March 8, 2016

InterBrews 105: Amanda from Great Beer Adventure

Episode 105 was recorded in Stew-dio with Texian BC head brewer Caleb Wilson. Our guest is Great Beer Adventure host and fellow #greatpintsociety member “Rowdy” Amanda Doughty. GBA is a craft beer podcast based in Maine and Amanda is doing for the their craft beer scene what InterBrews is doing in Texas. So if you love craft beer podcasts (and we know you do) here is a great one to subscribe to as well.

http://www.bumwinebob.comBumming with Bobcat

August 9, 2015

Intro to Craft Beer with Amanda Podcast

Are you looking to get into the craft beer movement, but don’t know where to begin? You’re in luck! I’m happy to welcome Amanda from The Great Beer Adventure Podcast to the Bumming With Bobcat podcast this week to discuss an introduction to craft beer with all you fine listeners!

Bonus shows

Market the Brew logoMarket The Brew

May 3, 2017

Teaming Up with Local Artists to Create Labels of Art

I am not actually being interviewed on this show but perhaps you recognize the voice at the beginning???

Mike Brenner is a one-of-a-kind brewer as he takes brewing as seriously as he takes supporting Milwaukee’s local art scene. In opening Brenner Brewing in 2014, the brewery became the first of its kind to open in Milwaukee in 17 years. Brenner’s tap room houses 21 art studios and 2 art galleries to boot.