Anthony Accardi – Transmitter Brewing; Entry 084

Anthony Accardi – Transmitter Brewing; Entry 084


Amanda is jet setting to New York in this week’s Great Beer Adventure to speak with Transmitter Brewing. Because really, what’s more adventuresome than heading into a city and doing some detective work to find an awesome brewery? With some help from Melissa, the chapter leader of New York City’s Girls Pint Out, Amanda found Transmitter.

Transmitter Brewing Log: Origin

Rob and Anthony started home brewing together 7 years ago. 3 years ago they decided to start a brewery with a 3 barrel system. Working nights and weekends, Anthony moved to full time starting their second year, and Rob pledged his full attention a year ago. While not stated in the interview or on their website, it is believed Rob and Anthony have been working on a secret project: transmitting beer wirelessly (tube-lessly?) to glasses within their broadcast range. If you live in the area and accidentally end up with a pint spilled in your lap out of thin air, you’ll know they are close to succeeding.


Transmitter uses a simple alphanumeric system for their beer names, consisting of just a letter and a number. The letter indicates the style – the number is the actual beer. The beers change a lot from, say, S1 to S2. Transmitter plays fast and loose by using the traditional style as a jumping point to have some fun. Not having any flagship beers allows them to rotate through a bunch of different styles.

SaisonS1- Mahogany Saison 7.2%

Mahogany Saison brewed with rye and white wheat generously hopped with Pacific Jade. Bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces.

IBU’S – 24




GoseW4- Gose 5.2%

Subtle lime and floral notes from the hops combine with light citrus flavors imparted by the coriander and deep minerally water profile to make this complex but crushable Gose. Drink with oysters and/or seafood.

IBU’S – 11



You can follow and track their beers on Transmitter’s website.

Make sure you text GBA to 31996 to learn more about Amanda’s beer activity book. Now go tune into some fine beer and have an awesome weekend.


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