One Eye Open Brewery – Challenging Craft Beer Traditions; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 001

One Eye Open Brewery – Challenging Craft Beer Traditions; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 001

One Eye Open Brewery set out to put their touch on the growing craft beer industry and ask, “Is there a better way?

As Brett, Chuck, and Lucas begin their journey, they wanted to tend to a new generation of craft beer drinkers and create a new revolution. While they respect and One Eye Open Breweryhonor tradition, they wanted an opportunity to push the envelope further. One Eye Open Brewery is using the freedom of reinterpreting brewing, and evolving craft beer.

So how did a college kitchen experiment turn into One Eye One Brewery?

While attending the University of Southern Maine and playing baseball, Lucas, Brett, and Chuck developed their passion for craft beer. It began with taste testing and developed into a study to learn how the brewing process really worked. The three made a pact that they would own and operate their own brewery and use their skills, compatibility as friends, and passion for creating something in which they strongly believe in and that they can share with their community.

One Eye Open is Considered One of a Few “Nano-breweries” that Exist in Craft Beer

One Eye Open is a true start-up company. The guys turned an old storage shed and yard into a full-fledged commercially zoned brewery and tasting room with outdoor seating. Eight months of grit, determination, and sheer carpentry to get where they are today. The work was hard and the hours were long, One Eye Open is truly proud of what they have been able to create and are anxious to share it with the local Portland, ME community.

Where did the name “One Eye Open” come from?

The name and logo represent creativity; a reminder to always be progressing forward with an open mind, continuing to seek out new ideas, new flavors, and new people to share their beer with.


One Eye Open Brewery

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  • Peter Korchnak Posted August 22, 2017 1:15 pm

    I so wish I’d found a way to sample One Eye Open’s brews on a recent visit to Portland. But alas, with no taproom open (at the time anyway), and limited time to seek places where they pour them, I’ll have to leave it to next time.

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