Foulmouthed Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 002

Foulmouthed Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 002

It’s time for another Bonus Brief Brewery Bio (#2 of 8) and this week Amanda is sharing a pint with Craig from Foulmouthed Brewing. Don’t bother bringing any soap–there will be no need to clean your mouth out after drinking any of their craft beers.

Origin Story: Craig was a full on rebel, brewing beer before he was even legally allowed to drink beer. He met his wife in New York City and brewed 3 gallon batches behind their couch. Yeah, welcome to the Big Apple. Craig and his wife deserve a huge shout for their cramped apartment ingenuity: all that can be found behind my couch are bottle caps and perhaps a rogue Lego waiting for me to step on it someday.

After nine years of searching for the right space, solidifying the brewery concept, and collecting funds, Foulmouthed was able to open on 15 Ocean Street in South Portland, Maine.

Foulmouth BrewingNotable Brew: Iron Goddess – this beer stands on the “out there” side of the spectrum of beer that Foulmouthed has been crafting. “[A] Wheat saison brewed with honey and tieguanyin, a delicate, floral, jade green variety of Oolong tea, named for the goddess of Mercy.”

Aesthetically, Foulmouthed wanted to create a clean industrial vibe. Since they set up shop in an old auto garage I’d say they were successful in this endeavor. And what about the brewery name? Foulmouthed is a play on words dating back to the 17th century when the entire region of the seacoast was named “Falmouth.” The name also alludes to the salty language overheard on the docks and shipyards throughout the city’s seafaring history. This makes for a dashing logo as well.



Foulmouthed Brewing

Why It Hurts to Step on a Lego





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