Bear Bones Beer; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 003

Bear Bones Beer; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 003

After meeting at the age of 13 and attending High School together, Eben Dingman and Adam Tuuri traveled around the world from Mexico City to Eastern Europe. Then they returned to their home state and started brewing. They brewed one batch of beer every week for a year and a half in Dingman’s garage. They’ve put in their hours, and they’re ready for the public. It was Adam who wanted to take their craft beer bounty to the people. In February of 2016 Bear Bones Beer opened. The name Bear Bones was derived from Adam’s minimalistic bare bones approach. Don’t worry, no bear bones were used in the brewing process.

Keeping with the minimalist theme Bare Bones Beer hopes to provide customers that easy laid back feel that aligns with the Maine craft beer culture. From the Mason jar glasses, wooden bar, tables, floors, and even wood used to make their beer caddies are all repurposed. Eben and Adam try to recycle and reuse as much as possible to minimize the waste. As part of their minimal waste platform and to keep people returning to Downtown, Bear Bones only sells their beer in growlers and portable pints.

Double C.R.E.A.M. is Bare Bones flagship beer and Eban’s favorite. It’s based on bourbon. Which gives it a great depth of flavor, but is surprisingly light and goes down easy. Be careful, with an ABV of 7.1% it can catch up with you.

Eben’s first beer memory was his Grandfather kicking back with a Bud after Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure Eben keeps the after dinner beer tradition alive. Just the choice of beer has changed.


Bear Bones Beer

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