Craft Beer Ah-Ha! Adventures; Entry 101

Craft Beer Ah-Ha! Adventures; Entry 101

Different format – same great adventure. Episode 101 introduces a new format that branches out with new segments. You’ll be hearing stories from more people about how beer has touched their life and made great memories. There’ll be blood sucking arachnids, covert bar infiltration, and beer that pairs poorly with turkey. So hit play and check out what Amanda, the Wonderfullness 1 & 2, Jack, Carla, and a bunch of other craft beer adventurers have to say.

Craft Beer Aha!

You’ll notice Amanda is still keeping with certain themes for each episode. In this one, she’s asking attendees at the Boston Travel Show and CBC what their “Aha!” craft beer moment was – namely what beer or experience opened their eyes to the larger world of beer. Mine happened right when I turned 21 and attended my first beer festival at a baseball stadium. Thankfully my parents showed up to stop me from making too many mistakes. Though they couldn’t stop me from knighting each tap handler at the booths with the plastic sword I snuck in. The specific beer that struck my newly anointed fancy was the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. I got a poster of a brewer intensely managing an open fermenter and wouldn’t stop talking about it with my roommates. In some ways, I’ve never stopped talking about beer since…


Beer Pairing Gone Wrong

Carla tells Amanda of a beer pairing horror story. Yeah, I think we can all agree Bud Light Lime and turkey don’t necessarily go together well. I am going to run through a list of other pairings you should probably stay away from.

  • Any hard cider and lobster
  • Sweetarts and oatmeal stouts
  • Godzilla movies and beer helmets
    • (just trust me on this one)
  • Peanut butter and porters
  • A jar of pickles and IPAs
  • Painting with black and dark beer
    • (your water cup for the brush and your drink become indistinguishable)

Okay, so I’ll explain the Godzilla thing. It’s not that any beer in particular is a bad one to drink while watching a monster movie. It’s just that if towering, laser breathing dinosaurs get you excited (like me) then having your beer in a helmet is a bad idea. Since, you know, when you jump up and cheer your beverages slosh all over your friends. Also, see below for an awesome Gojira beer concept done by Eric Torres.

Gojira Beer Project

Want to Be a Correspondent?

This new format features correspondent pieces where great beer adventurers go out into the wild and do some field recording. If you’re interested in getting on the show check out two handy forms Amanda has for you and get your checklist ready. I’ll be reporting in next week but you’re welcome to jump in anytime after that.

Correspondent Requirements

Correspondent Checklist



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