Dead Lizard Brewing Company; Entry 098

Dead Lizard Brewing Company; Entry 098

Dead Lizard Taproom

Slap on some sunglasses and head back to Orlando with Amanda this week as she talks with Richard Dine (owner and head brewer) from Dead Lizard Brewing Company. Brewing seems to be passed down from generation to generation in the Dine family. I have a hunch some magical reptile gave one of Richard’s ancestors crucial brewing knowledge that helped save a small village…or perhaps allowed civilization itself to flourish! Head on into their taproom and be kind to any lizards you may find. Because, like everything, all lizards will someday be dead too.

Dead Lizard Brewing Company Beer

Purple Skink: West Coast IPA 6.6%

Chameleon Key Lime Cream Ale: 6.2%

Lizard Hunting

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my back patio is teeming with tiny (and not so tiny) slick tailed reptiles. As a kid I spent a fair amount of time chasing lizards around…that is, until I actually caught one and it bit me. So, for this episode I attempted to track down and photograph a huge skink that likes to romp around the back of my apartment. Let’s just say after an hour of chasing small, scurrying lizards I was too winded to continue. This is a hobby for a nimble, bored kid – not an adult with a beer and a phone in their hand. I’ll just settle with offering my resident desk-dinos a sip or two.

Dino Feed

Dinosaurs Are Lizards Too

Speaking of lizards of the dead variety, dinosaurs are totally extinct and were very reptilian as well. And, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, I might have a special place in my heart for large dead animals with lots of teeth. Apparently, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History feels the same way as they just wrapped up a series called Think and Drink. These events let you drink and meet researchers and field-specific professionals at the museum. They have an event featuring dinosaurs and craft beer coming up May 17th, so check it out if you’re in the area.


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