Extreme Beer (Fest) Adventure; Entry 111

Extreme Beer (Fest) Adventure; Entry 111

Extreme Beer Festival

Great Beer Adventure has replaced all its spent kegs and the taps are flowing again. Amanda returns with fresh audio from the BeerAdvocate hosted Extreme Beer Festival in Boston (February 2-3). What’s an extreme beer festival? Well, you’ll have to hit play to find out. If you asked me though…I’m imagining medieval knights jousting on tigers with beer helmets on. Also slip n’ slides. I mean, those things are dangerous. So, welcome back to the adventure. We’ve got rainbow sprinkles, Airbnb mishaps, and reminders not to feed your local moose any beer.

Mushroom Hunting

Amanda said she wanted to go mushroom foraging in Raleigh NC with the folks from Trophy Brewing. Ya know who else hunts for mushrooms? That’s right, hobbits from Lord of the Rings. You can picture Amanda with a small basket surrounded by the likes of Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. Hiding underneath tree roots from Ring Wraiths. Escaping said force of evil via small river float. Throwing back pints at the Prancing Pony. Make sure to grab some fresh brew for your yearly rewatch of all three LoTR movies. I mean, everyone has nine free hours a year, right?

Airbnb Fire Hazards

You’ll hear a harrowing tale of arson and too-loud EDM music in the episode as told by Crooked Hammock Brewery. Airbnb’s are magnets for shenanigans. I have stayed in many doing things like playing laser tag with 13 grown(ish) men at 3a.m. Drinking in the hot tub (a big no-no, apparently). And of course, making a slip n’ slide in the yard. FYI slip n’ slides do a great job of killing large swaths of grass. The great thing about adventures is that you learn stuff…sometimes the stuff you shouldn’t be doing at Airbnbs.


Coming Up

Amanda will back on the last Friday of each month with a brand new episode. She’s working on some other things that are hush-hush, no speaky kind of things. Subscribe to her newsletter and follow the GBA FB and Instagram if you want to be kept in the loop. Now. Go grab something new and cheers your phone screen.



Trophy Brewing

Crooked Hammock Brewery

Extreme Beer Fest

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