Great Beer Adventure’s 2 Year Anniversary – How Adventure is Made; Entry 103

Great Beer Adventure’s 2 Year Anniversary – How Adventure is Made; Entry 103

Episode 103 marks the two-year anniversary of Great Beer Adventure. To celebrate 730 days of good beer, road trips, plane rides and conferences we’re peeking behind the veil of how the show is made. You may’ve thought Amanda waves a magic wand to summon lager fairies and porter trolls to assemble the show for her. But it really takes a lot of planning and effort to keep a show fresh and sounding great. Prepare for exploding rattlesnakes and other behind the scenes shenanigans as the Great Beer Adventure shows you how it gets delivered to your ear holes.


As the editor for the show, I get all kinds of messages from Amanda. Sometimes they’re in video form while she’s driving around town with her kids peeking over the sides of her seat. Other times they are in taprooms with her guests…which can make for some interesting banter that doesn’t quite belong in the show. At some point I imagine Amanda and I will become telepathically linked. It will be a power only unlocked after cracking a beer before noon while on a Disney property. But sending messages of pure thought through beer would be awesome, right? I’m tired of using my cell phone anyway.


Editing & Notes

John Bukenas (my uncle) edited the show for a while, but he passed the torch to me so it’d be easier for me to write the notes. After a short while, I believe I have the whole editing and writing process down to a science. First, I kiss all the dinosaurs on my desk before doing anything else. This unlocks my magical editing crystal, which I use instead of a traditional mouse (although not being able to click makes the whole process more difficult sometimes). Around that time I will open a beer and get to work, cutting out weird guest stuttering, ummmms, and the occasional train explosion that sounds off in the background. Then I start writing the notes, which is done by whispering to the snake that wiggles out of my PC. I have to put a small top hat on her first or else she won’t transcribe anything I say. Who knew snakes were classy like that?

On a more serious note, many thanks to Amanda for letting my strange musings run rampant through the notes here. It’s a total blast and none of my other clients seem to be daring enough to let take a crack at it. Three cheers for you, our great adventuring beer gal.


Bad Beer Review

You may’ve heard John give an awful beer review in this episode (he is not a beer drinker). That might become a regular thing. If it happens it will look like this:

Session 11 – Marsh-Fire Sunday Gose by Fickle Coral Brewing (4.5%)

John: This tastes like a dead hermit crab went and fermented itself in the ocean. Is there salt in this? If I wanted to taste this flavor I’d go drink from a drainpipe down by the boardwalk. I have to give it a 3 out of 5 though, because the can art is pretty cool.


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