The Great Lagerfest Roundtable Adventure; Entry 97

The Great Lagerfest Roundtable Adventure; Entry 97

Beer Tasters Collective

There are lagers all around this week in Heidi Geist’s studio as Amanda sits down with Sean from Banded Horn, Tom from Dirigo Brewing, and Ashley from Austin Street Brewing. There will be some beer history and a fair amount of giggling. Prepare for dad jokes and subtle palate flavors put into your head (unwillingly and by a secret branch of the government). Lager up and hit that triangle button. One of the first things you’ll hear Amanda talk about is the Beer Tasters Collective Heidi is putting together. Check it out:

BTC will meet the first and third Wednesday of every month, each time featuring a knowledgeable brewer as well as industry experts, to share insider info on the art of craft beer. Many of these meetings will be recorded for vlogging purposes.


Saxony Lager: Jack’s Abby

Mahrs Hell: ( Mahr’s Bräu Brewery in Bamberg Germany)


Hop Therapy

Hops, when stressed, have the potential to become hermaphroditic: have both male and female reproductive organs. This isn’t ideal for beer making as only female plants are used and one male hop can begin to pollinate all the others growing around it. An idea came up during the episode of “hop therapy”. Playing music to the plants was one suggested method but I’m sure there are other effective methods. Like art therapy: strapping a paintbrush to the hop and letting it paint on a canvas via being pushed by the wind. Jokes aside, if you yourself are feeling stressed Horticultural Therapy is a real thing. Relax, take a sip, and grow some hops!

The Great (Space) Beer Adventure

Space: the final frontier…for beer. Colonizing other moons and planets is hard work, and it will never happen unless one of humankind’s most ancient and beloved beverages is beside us. Many are already trying to make this a reality. A team of engineering students is trying to send a lander to the moon to test how viable it is to grow yeast in space. There’s also been beer brewed with yeast that has been in zero gravity and Dogfish Head made some beer with “moon rocks”. As mentioned in the episode, brewing on other planets should be done with caution. There’s no telling what microbes might be lying in wait to burrow into our brain stems and cause all kinds of mischief.Ground Control

Another Amanda Show Note Challenge

I was unable to find the Idaho nightclub that has a bar in the women’s restroom (or the meaning behind Tom’s pyramid dad-joke), so in my failure, I decided to look up reviews of some Idaho nightclubs instead. I’d say the majority of reviews weren’t too keen on these establishment’s restrooms. Is this further evidence for why bars in bathrooms should be outlawed? Probably. Anyway, enjoy.

“Nasty place. Went into the bathrooms and the floors were partially flooded – this gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘let’s go for a swim’. “

“Just gross. this place is dirty. the women’s bathroom had every. single. toilet. Overflowing.”

“The establishment literally smells like an animal shelter. 🙁 Way way bad place to hang. Don’t recommend”


Beer Tasters Collective

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