Heidi Geist Art & Beer; Entry 081

Heidi Geist Art & Beer; Entry 081

Heidi Geist

Amanda hopes sturdy beer is helping you fellow adventurers power through the beginning of 2017. She even has a surprise for you in this episode! One that will make you bust out some crayons at your next drinking session to make it more communal and fun. Ever wonder what parasites, jeweled bear horns, and black lights all have in common? Well for one, they are all featured in this week’s Great Beer Adventure. Amanda broadcasts in this episode from her own cozy kitchen table with Heidi Geist. Heidi contributes art and creativity to help make Maine’s craft beer scene stand out. Whether it’s through painting, using unusual mediums, or facilitating interactive art, Heidi can be found finding the intersection that makes beer and art fun.

What’re They Drinking?

Jolly Woodsman Coffee Stout (Banded Horn Brewing): A special blend of Norweald and Mountain stouts deliciously enhanced with wood roasted Kenyan espresso from Matt’s Coffee. Huge, bright coffee nose. Tasting notes (barista style)- Orange, cacao husk, cranberry, juicy, bitter chocolate. Fuels the hungriest of fires, or the most ardent woodsman. ABV – 7.5%

Angels with Filthy SoulsShow Me Some Beer Art! (Bart?) (Beert?)

Breweries in Maine often find themselves collaborating to make exciting and new beverages. This spirit has many breweries thinking outside the box in terms of what art they display in their tap rooms, on their cans, and at their events. Heidi partners with an array of breweries, helping to make beer and the art that makes it look cool. She recently worked with Bissell Brothers Brewing on two can logos – one for Angels With Filthy Souls & Diavoletto.


You’ll have to listen to hear how Heidi came up with the geometric parasite that adorns the can. It’s a shame that more schools have stopped teaching the horrors of geometric parasites. I guess the CDC wasn’t kidding when they said the rhombus and isosceles triangle vaccinations would cause mass memory loss across the planet. More fun with parasites: apparently a woman forced a parasite out of her body after irresponsibly drinking for a while. However, we don’t recommend this method for parasite removal.


The Great Beer Adventure Activity Journal

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for! Amanda and Heidi have collaborated on an Adult Activity Book that’s, you guessed it, beer themed. There’s a section for tasting notes and designing your own coaster, and of course, illustrations to be hand colored by you and your friends. You can get a free sample by texting ‘GBA’ to 31996. Print it out and color away, and make sure you check out how to get your hands on the full 7-page version. Check out the details here.





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