Hoorah For the Maine Beer Adventure; Entry 110

Hoorah For the Maine Beer Adventure; Entry 110

All good adventures eventually make room for a lull in the excitement and newness that marks a journey well-traveled. Episode 110 marks the end of Season 2, where Amanda will be taking a well-earned break into the New Year. She’ll be back in 2018 to bring your more expeditions of beer-related grandeur and wonderment. This gives you plenty of time to catch up on old episodes, fine new beers to enjoy and talk about, or dedicate the whole of your being to resurrecting dinosaurs from extinction…uh, okay. Maybe that last one is just what I’ll be doing till ‘Mander is back on the air.

This last episode is dedicated to Amanda’s one true love – Maine, Mainers, and Maine beer. So maybe that’s three loves, but I’m not sure if that’s legal in Maine yet, so we’ll just call it one.

Great Beer Adventure Collaboration

As you may’ve figured out by now, Amanda (and the craft beer industry as a whole) is big on collaboration. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while you’ve likely had some sort of creative beer related idea inspired by her travels. So, why not drop Amanda a line and run it by her?! She’s always looking for new people to talk to (I mean, you’ve listened to the show, right?) and creative ideas to entertain. Don’t be shy. Say hello and keep in touch with her on Twitter and Facebook. It’s your turn to carry the torch and have some adventures in her stead.

Main Beer Narwhal

A Big Thank You

I have to give Amanda serious credit for allowing me to hijack the show notes for each episode. I’m not sure she knew what she was getting into at first, but I’m glad she’s been on board with the…uh, eccentric approach I’ve taken. It’s been an honor so far, and one I’ll be enthused to take on again after the New Year’s moon has settled. I’ll be making weird stuff in the meantime…too weird (and unfinished) to post here. Search if you dare.

Maine Water Whirlpool

Maine Water

Something mentioned a lot in this episode is Maine water. Apparently, the crown state of the East coast is in abundant supply of fresh water sources. Brewers tap into these mystical Maine springs and funnel their flow straight into the beer they make. I like to imagine there is a magic creature that oversees this endeavor. Perhaps some subterranean, albino narwhal that constantly swims from one underground well to another – checking valves, gauges, and pipes that transport the water. I bet his name is Narfy. Narfy the Narwhal. So, to honor this mythological waterborne mammal of horned majesty, I wore a narwhal costume while editing this episode.

Pour one out for Narfy. Take a sip for Amanda. Stay brave, adventurous, and bold until we return.

Don’t just try something new, friends. Make something new.

Cheers (clinks narwhal horn to your glass).


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