Drinking Disney Magic With Jen Briney; Entry 089

Drinking Disney Magic With Jen Briney; Entry 089

Congressional Dish

This week Amanda is catching some sun down in Orlando with Jen Briney from Congressional Dish – a podcast where she breaks down bills passing through Congress so you can decide whether your representatives are, you know, actually representing you. Prepare for some sunshine in your face, sleuth theme park drinking, and the ever elusive bacon beer.

What’re They Drinking?

There’s a beer for every place and time. On a sunny Disney day, some easy drinking is a solid way to kick off a theme park expedition.

Sam Adams


Bacon Everything

As Homer Simpson once said (I think) “Bacon is the devil’s candy.” The tasty meat has made appearances in all kinds of food. Bacon wrapped shrimp. Bacon bubblegum. Bacon chocolate. So naturally, there are bacon beers. If you like a side of devil’s candy with your breakfast make sure you try one out. Thankfully no one has yet to run into a bacon wine. Or bacon Capri Suns.


Drinking Around the World

Epcot may be a mecca for those wanting to find beer on Disney property. Each country has their own unique beers all within walking distance of one another. And there are also some awesome rides in the vicinity. As a fellow Epcot world-drinking adventurer I’d like to give you a word of warning: make sure you ride Mission:Space before diving head first into an afternoon of drinking. In space no one can hear you scream…but a full belly will still slosh around while leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

Quick Disney Drinking Tip: you can now drink at the Magic Kingdom Park – there are five restaurants that serve beer there: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Be Our Guest.

Magic Blood

Amanda and Jen believe wholeheartedly in Disney’s ability to transform full grown adults into children again. Nostalgia runs thick in Disney parks and being able to touch, feel, taste and play in it makes the theme parks there an utterly magical place to behold. However, being an adult child with a thirst for beer at Disney seems to be more encouraged on the East Coast than the West. Hopefully Disneyland will come around someday and let the froth flow. For now, see the link below for an easy guide on where to find beers in most of Disney World’s parks.

Drink 2

Want to Drink and Ride?

Here’s an article that shows where the closest beer is to a bunch of rides in multiple parks. Adventure responsibly: The Closest Alcoholic Drink to Every Ride at Disney World


Congressional Dish




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