Lone Pine Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio 005

Lone Pine Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio 005

Tom Madden and John Paul went to High School and played in a band together. But after graduation the two walked separate paths. Tom worked in the family beverage business and John moved to Boston to worked in the music industry.

Tom’s father started selling homebrew supplies, which meant someone needed to learn how to use the merchandise. That was Tom’s chance to dip his toe into the brewing process.

John Paul ended up taking a job in L.A. but on his trips home to Maine the two would meet up for a beer and dream about opening a brewery. The seeds for Lone Pine Brewing were sown.

The plan was to start with Portland Pale Ale. Then experiment with a couple other recipes. Plans changed when the calls from beer stores and bars starting pouring in, Portland Pale Ale was a hit and was selling out. The public had spoken, and they wanted more.

Just one sip of Portland Pale Ale, you know they made the right decision. Other beers in Lone Pine’s arsenal are Bright Side IPA, and American IPA, and What What! Wheat, a hoppy wheat ale. Tom wanted to make a wheat beer that doesn’t need a slice of fruit. The idea is that the citrus hops will add the fruit flavors. Chaga Stout as one customer described, “Vanilla and smoky tobacco notes on the front, earthy organic notes on the finish. Fascinating beer.”

John Paul’s first beer memory was in college, in Rhode Island. It was a local beer that started with an “N’ and would be a great Wheel of Fortune word. Would you like to buy a vowel? I recommend you listen to the episode.

Tom’s first beer memory was more mainstream. Very Patriotic and was named after one of our country’s founding fathers. Do you need more of a hint?



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