The Magic & Glory of Tasting Rooms; Entry 102

The Magic & Glory of Tasting Rooms; Entry 102

Half the fun in going out for a beer is checking out where the beer itself is poured. This week’s episode focuses on tasting rooms – those magical places where people come together to make new friends, make fun of old pals, and try some new drinks. Amanda is joined in studio by Heidi Geist with a guest interview by me! There are solar panels, scenic motorcycle rides, and mention of a large Maine-borne snake. So, grab your bike, car keys, spaceship – whatever, and hit play en route to a tasting room near you.



Okay, if you’ve been checking out these notes for a while you’ll notice I have a thing for dinosaurs, monsters…basically reptiles in general. So when Heidi and Amanda started talking about some massive snake named Wessie, it’s safe to say I was interested. Last June, someone spotted a 10-foot snake in Westbrook Maine. Apparently, it was spotted by police swimming in a river while eating a beaver (hopefully Dagget from Angry Beavers, because he was super annoying). A snakeskin was later identified and genetically matched with a green anaconda. It’s presumed that the snake is now dead due to reptiles of that size not being able to survive in cold temperatures. Personally, I hope someone knitted Wessie some mittens…but I guess snakes don’t have hands, so maybe a nice set of ear warmers would be better. Anyway, according to Twitter Wessie is doing just fine. That’s right. You can follow Wessie @WessieThon

Ultimate Tasting Room

So. If I was going to have a tasting room it’d be extremely nerded out. There would be projectors showing Godzilla movies non-stop and Mario Kart 64 tournaments (because let’s face it, everyone knows the N64 was Nintendo’s best system ever). I’m guessing that beer and slip n’ slides are probably a bad mix though, and beer being shot out of squirt guns would probably be foamy and taste bad. Having fireworks on tap is also not a good idea. I guess you can’t just take all the stuff you like and throw it into a tasting room and have it work out alright. Now that I’m really thinking about it…making a tasting room takes a solid bit of foresight and planning. Make sure you get out into the wild and go appreciate a local tasting room near you, or maybe convert your garage into one!

Props to Amanda & Devils Backbone

I did my first interview for the show! Thanks to Josh from Devils Backbone Brewing Company for giving me an unannounced interview with a nice backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was cool to be able to sit down and have a nice chat over a beer with a stranger. I was a little nervous, so I have mad respect for Amanda – she does this all time! If you’re interested in going out into the field and doing an interview for the show make sure you check out the links below.

correspondent requirements

Correspondent Checklist


Maine Beer Company

Devils Backbone

Wiggly Bridge

Flight Deck



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