The Magic of Family – Lisa Sturgeon of Geaghan Brothers Brewing; Entry 075

The Magic of Family – Lisa Sturgeon of Geaghan Brothers Brewing; Entry 075

Did you bring your wizard wand, spell book, and baby diapers? No? That’s okay. This week’s episode of The Great Beer Adventure will provide them for you in Amanda’s first of two episodes highlighting children and women in craft beer culture and brewing.

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Amanda and Lisa Sturgeon, the resident communication and resource manger of Geaghan Brothers Brewing, sit down for some beer sips on bottling day. They cover everything from the Wizarding World ofLisa Sturgeon Harry Potter at Universal Studios to baby onesies representing their favorite breweries. I imagine that if all employers let their staff carry wands on them, and wear onesies to work, the world would be a much happier place.

Speaking of bringing things to work, how do you feel about bringing kids to breweries or beer festivals? Amanda and Lisa have found that with most Maine breweries being family run tap rooms can be a welcoming, safe environment for children. Let’s imagine again! – a world where adults of legal drinking age weren’t raised with sensationalist stigmatized views of what drinking beer entails. I imagine that is a much happier, safer, and craftier world indeed. Many tap rooms come equipped with an assortment of drinks notably lacking in alcohol content, like Geaghan’s root beer and nitro coffee.

With more women entering the brewing scene it is high time for discussion about how to make breweries an inviting, supportive space for women to work and also have families – in fact, a round table discussion over at the Beervana Podcast covers just this very topic!

For a great example of a supportive brewery look no further than Geaghan Bros Brewing itself. They have worked with Lisa to give her two months leave after having her child (much more than most American employers) and maybe most importantly, they want her to enjoy that time. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, keep in mind that Growlers can keep for 6 months (even with just a spin top) if kept in a dark, cold place.

If you happen to have a “bun in the oven” yourself, feel free to treat the father-to-be to Geaghan’s Dad’s Oatmeal Stout – because as their website explains, “Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company grew from Dad’s dream of a better life for his family.”


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