Maine Brew Guide Magazine; Entry 069

Maine Brew Guide Magazine; Entry 069

In this episode I find myself back at the Thirsty Pig sitting across from Stan Rintz, the ink curator behind Activities Maine’s new print publication – the Maine Brew Guide.

The Maine Brew Guide (out now) has been in the works for a few years now. Stan noticed that the craft beer movement was growing and that beer and Maine activities were intermingling. People were traveling to tasting rooms and visiting breweries on their ski trips. Basically the culture around beer is infectious and any activity can be incorporated and made better by sharing experiences over a craft brew. The Maine Brew Guide seeks to explore this harmony while catering to both beer enthusiasts and brewers alike. With digital publications fighting against other online distractions like Facebook and Twitter, Stan is convinced print is coming back. The intimacy of a well constructed magazine helps bring a reader in to focus on the content. He hopes build the magazine in a way that flows well and helps curate a unique reading experience for everyone that picks up an issue.


Amanda – Reciprocal by Bissell Brothers : To the uninitiated this beer looks like orange juice. Very thick, very orange-y yellow. 7.3% ABV

Stan – Burnside by Foundation Brewing Company :Stan finds that a solid brown ale helps his transition into Fall before the stout plunge into winter. 5.1% ABV

Round 2

Theme of the Maine Brew Guide

Stan is aiming for the Maine Brew Guide to be an industry magazine. About 75% of the magazine will be aimed towards craft enthusiasts with the other 25% focused on brewers themselves. He would love to answer questions that are commonly asked by up and coming home brewers looking to go big, while also teaching established beer farmers a new trick or two. Stan has been seeking out writers that have already contributed beer articles to Activities Maine’s other publications. He has been in contact with attorneys and trade associates for articles going over legislation that impacts the brewing of beer as well. Every gap that exists on a beer’s journey from brewery to your mouth will be explored and eventually find a place in the magazine.

Round 3

First Beer Memory – Coors Extra Gold (probably drank warm) – circa 1987. Stan was going into freshman year of high school,camping on 100 acre island on Crawford lake. The first craft beer that got him into the craft movement was from the DL Geary Brewing Company.

Round 4

Random Question for Amanda

What is your strongest talent? — Never giving up. Persistence. I’ve dealt with a lot over the years with issues ranging from depression to job stuff, but I can’t give up when I feel that I have so much to give in so many different ways. (Also, giving up during childbirth is not a good idea).

Random Question for Stan

What is your favorite season and why? — Stan has to say that he is a winter person. He’s into snowboarding and everything that goes along with it. As a True Blue Mainer, he is into all winter sports. What other activity lets you wake up on a frozen lake, drill a hole, drop a fishing line and crack open a beer?


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