Maine’s Great Beer Adventure podcast hits 100 episodes!

Portland, ME: Great Beer Adventure, a Maine-made podcast led by Amanda Doughty, is closing in on it’s 100th episode! First started in July 2015, the first 100 episodes will have taken Doughty and the Great Beer Adventure listeners to 8 states, more than 50 breweries, a distillery, a rooftop, a malthouse, a hop yard, a distributor’s warehouse, and many events!

Podcasts are becoming easier for listeners to consume through smartphones and cars equipped with podcasting apps. As a result, more podcasts are being developed. Within the independent podcasting space, making it past your twentieth episode with consistent shows is a challenge, and as a result, is rare. Great Beer Adventure has far surpassed this benchmark by bringing their listeners a new show each week for the past 100 weeks.

During it’s nearly two years of shows, Great Beer Adventure has strived to tell the stories of various people in and around the beer industry focusing on their passion, creativity, community and spirit of camaraderie. Through Great Beer Adventure, Doughty has become a champion for the craft beer industry near and far! “Craft beer is doing amazing things for communities around the globe, helping to revitalize neighborhoods, industrial parks, and cities! It has been an honor to be able to share the stories from people that are behind this movement!” says Doughty of her experience thus far on Great Beer Adventure.

As Great Beer Adventure moves past episode 100 and into it’s next chapter, big plans are in place to be able bring even more voices and stories along for the adventure.

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