Marketing the Magic of Beer with Steve Schmidt; Entry 093

Marketing the Magic of Beer with Steve Schmidt; Entry 093

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Steve Schmidt, a fellow beer podcaster, joins Amanda this week back at Podfest in Orlando. Steve is the host of Market the Brew – a podcast devoted to, you guessed it, how to market beer! With the craft brewery explosion/revolution/fermented yeast apocalypse, there is a lot a brewery needs to keep in mind when developing their identity. Luckily for brewers, marketing can be a fun and quirky process that helps bring people together to share beers. Because, as we all know, beer is made of a special magic that brings out great stories, conversations, and adventure.

Funky Buddha Deja Vu

Floridian Hefeweizen (ABV 5.2%) – Suntan for your soul

Beer: The Conversation Magnet

There’s a special thing that happens when drinking around others at a taproom, festival, or your front porch. Stories seem to roll off the tongue a bit easier. Stories start to sound more interesting, too. Some microbial superorganism inside all beer works to evolve our interactions and lead us on an adventure of fun and discovery. You might end up swapping glasses (and germs) with a total stranger. You might start talking about your day job and end up in a heated debate about which X-Men is most suited for fighting Godzilla.

(Okay, at least those are the conversations I seem to get into. And the answer is either Nightcrawler or Rogue, if you were wondering.) The point is this: taprooms, bars, and breweries are kind of like adult playgrounds. There places to let your guard down a bit and connect with friends and strangers alike. Drink your shyness away and go be the cool person someone else gets to meet!

Coconut/Colombian Citrus Beer Research Challenge

#1 – Is there a beer (not heavy like a stout or porter) which contains coconut?

The answer to this was actually only 246 miles away from where Amanda recorded this podcast. Schnebly Brewery’s Big Rod Coconut Blonde Ale seems to fit the bill.

(One Point for Justin)

#2 – Find a Colombian citrus fruit that might be found in beer.

First off, what kind of question is that?! Okay. So after opening about 50 browser tabs I found the Lulo Galactico Telefantastico by Five Rabbit Cervecaria– a beer brewed with the Colombian Lulo fruit.

(100 Points for Justin)

Lulo Beer

Market the Brew

Steve’s podcast is an amazing listen for anyone interested in beer marketing or that might be looking into opening a brewery themselves. But the discussions in his shows easily apply to just about any industry you could think of. Plus, his guests have a lot of interesting stories (and mistakes) that they’ve made coming up in the beer world. Check the link below and go put some top-notch brew knowledge in your ear holes.


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