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Great Beer Adventure’s Bio:

Great Beer Adventure exists to shine a light on the passions, the creativity, the camaraderie and the community of everyone in the beer industry. GBA is here to feed those with an insatiable curiosity and drive for adventure by hunting down interesting stories; sharing not only the hows but also the whys and the emotions involved. Great Beer Adventure, across all platforms, highlights the adventures, craft brews and people that we encounter throughout our travels in order to help inspire you to go out and find your own great beer adventure!

Amanda’s Bio:

Amanda Doughty, the founder of Great Beer Adventure, is a tireless champion for the craft beer community! She is a self-proclaimed “bad stay-at-home-mom”, which is actually how she ended up drinking beer and talking into a microphone! If she isn’t drinking beer, holding a mic or gluing popsicle sticks together with her girls, she is probably taking in all nature has to offer in her home state of Maine!

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“Amanda Doughty has crafted one of my favorite beer podcasts since Great Beer Adventure’s inception. Her attention to making her guests sound great and having interesting Maine-centric craft beer topics and personalities have me coming away being educated and entertained every episode. So much is my enjoyment of Amanda and GBA that it was must to have her on my podcast InterBrews with hopes that she’ll be on again and again.” – Josh Stewart, Host of InterBrews

“I had the pleasure of having Amanda Doughty on my team at Interview Connections for 9 months. I truly valued how invested Amanda was in the success of my business and appreciated how whenever we had an influx of new clients, she opened up more time in her schedule to work! If you are considering hiring Amanda or using her freelance services, you won’t be disappointed” -Jessica Rhodes, Interview Connections

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