Medusa Brewing; Entry 080

Medusa Brewing; Entry 080

Medusa (n):

  1. An excellent craft brewery in Hudson Massachusetts.
  2. In Greek Mythology: a monster in the form of a woman with an ugly face, snakes for hair, and special powers.
  3. In Biology: a cnidarian with an umbrella-shaped body that kind of looks like a gooey garbage bag with stinging tentacles, sometimes.

Amanda sits down with one of the Keiths that head, along with another Keith and a Tom,  Medusa Brewing Company in Hudson Massachusetts. Prepare yourself for laser cats, taproom construction, and beer memories.

The Beer


Laser Kitten: Session IPA – 4.6%: Laser Cat’s gentler sibling may arrive at session strength, but it still packs plenty of Citra hops for a citrusy, fruity punch, backed by the tropical, earthy notes of Mosaic.

Now for a different kind of laser feline…


The Brewery

Keith (Sully), and his future partner Keith spent a fair amount of time carpooling to work together, discussing home brewing and the possibility of opening a brewery some day. Something sparked in their time together spent in traffic, and their ideas started to become more fleshed out. It was maybe a little like having shower thoughts, except for you can’t shower in the car (most of the time), and showering with friends is usually a rare occurrence well. Sully and Keith teamed up with their third partner, Tom, and the brewery’s triforce was complete.

Note* If a shower thought leads to you opening your own brewery, you are probably spending too much time in the bathroom and thinking too hard.

Medusa Brewing has a few accomplishments that separate them apart from the soon to be 100 breweries located in Massachusetts. For one, they built the brewery themselves. All the metalwork, plumbing, bar, bar top — they hammered and set up all the things. Oh, and Medusa also won a Gold medal at the World Beer Cup for their Czech pilsner: it’s named after the Czech word for blessed, and maybe also Fox Mulder from the X-Files.

Fun, Social, & Won’t Turn You Into Stone

Medusa’s beer philosophy heads in a trajectory that their brew crew sees as being different from the current trends in beer culture of debating, rating, and reviewing beer. They want beer to be fun again. You’ll find an incredible atmosphere in their tap room with swords, art, and not a single TV in sight. You can bring your own food in, find a cool person to talk to, and have a great beer. What more entertainment do you need?


Medusa Brewing Company





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