Memorable Craft Beer Isn’t Just About Taste – Mason’s Brewing Co; Entry 076

Memorable Craft Beer Isn’t Just About Taste – Mason’s Brewing Co; Entry 076

The last time Amanda met up with Chris was back before Mason’s Brewing Company opened. You can take a minute to check out the episode – right here!

With 84 breweries now, it’s no secret Maine has been inflating itself with craft beer. When Amanda last talked with Chris Morley the topic of a “craft beer bubble” came up, and how all the breweries are spurring innovation with the artistry of beer in the area. Now that Mason’s has opened and is regularly filling up its beer hall and riverfront deck, we can take a closer look at what they’ve been cooking up.

One of the focal points of Mason’s as a brewery is making beer that is session styled with unique characteristics. Just check out how their Roggen Bier is described below.

Roggen Bier - Mason's Brewing Company


“Our Roggen Bier is a modern interpretation of the classic German style, blending pilsen malts, dark wheat and flaked rye to produce a beer with the richness of a doppelbock and the grainy complexity of pumpernickel bread. Hefeweizen yeast accents the aroma with strong estery notes.”




Chris feels that a goal of Mason’s is to offer something different as a brewery, which extends beyond the beer itself. Their menu and location on the Penobscot River

Amanda and Chris at Mason's Brewing Company are an integral part of that plan. Beer, eating, and water gazing have been paired together since ancient times, and it’s hard to imagine that changing anytime soon.

Have you ever thought of breweries as being mythical creatures? Chris feels as though he has watched Ommegang become one. What sort of creature would your favorite brewery become? Mine (Westbrook) would become a giant crab that decimated rush hour traffic so I could make it to the grocery store in a timely fashion.

Feel free to tweet at Amanda what mythological beast represents your favorite brewery on her twitter: @GreatBeerADV (I’ve heard she has a penchant for Harry Potter.)


Mason’s Brewing Company

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