Norway Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 004

Norway Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio Bonus 004

Norway Brewing: The Origin Story

Charlie was born in Norway and move to the United States at a young age. Studying brewing in Maine, working as a chef and working the bottling line in a Norway brewery, Charlie like the Great Babe Ruth called his shot. I can’t spoil the ending. You have to listen.

What Feeling Do You Want Customers To Have When Visiting?

It’s more about the total Pub experience than the brew. It’s up to you.  Have a snack, a beer, a flight, or a full meal. Charlie believes in using all the locally sourced ingredients he can. The focus is on handcraft and supporting local farms.

Tells Us About Your Beers

Mr. Grumpypants: An oatmeal stout brewed with Ethiopian Guji Coffee. Gets better and better with every batch.

Left Turn Pale Ale: One customer described it as “Tasty and mellow. Sweet malty-ness light hops, finish is clean as your Aunt’s dining room.”

Berliner Weisse: Light and flavorful with awesome pear notes.

What Is Your First Beer Memory?

A young Charlie grabbed a gulp of his Dad’s beer when no one was looking. What brand of beer? Remember no spoilers. You have to listen.


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