Pairing Music and Beer at Sunaana; Entry 112

Pairing Music and Beer at Sunaana; Entry 112

Amanda ventured deep into a world of beer and music from not only Maine, but Norway and Iceland. Strapped with her Lara Croft microphone halter, she prowls the Sunaana, a beer and music festival, looking for tune makers, beer drinkers, and quiet nooks to talk. Hang onto your lederhosen, go backstage, and join Amanda on her hunt for musicians and the beer that goes with their music.



Like events that pair music with craft beer? Of course you do. Sunaana (Inuit for ‘what is it’) aims to encompass all facets of Portland’s identity. If you’ve followed Great Beer Adventure at all, you’ll know Maine artists and beer have been in harmony for some time and continued to evolve through collaborations—including sending a shipping container full of beer to the arctic and bringing it back with foreign brews. It’s an event to broaden your pallet and widen your ear holes. Make sure you give a listen to the bands Amanda interviewed, as linked below:




Joel Thetford




Beerbox Stowaway

A shipping container filled with Maine beer was sent to Iceland. It returned to New England with beer from Iceland. It doesn’t get more adventurous than that…unless you stowed yourself inside it. The following is an imagined log of a stowaway inside the Maine Beerbox:

Day 1: I really should have brought a pillow. Sitting on all the kegs is really uncomfortable. The sea is smooth though, and I’ve been rocked back and forth like a baby in a crib. Time for sleep.

Day 3: I really should have brought more than 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Luckily I am surrounded by liquid bread. It will have to sustain me in the days to come.

Day 4: I have pulled one of the tap lines and rigged the tube so I can suckle from it. I think it is some kind of hazy/fruity IPA. We hit a rogue wave when I tried to drink from it and now I am drenched from head to toe in beer. I smell like a soggy grove of oranges.

Day 7 : We’re not in Kansas anymore…we’re in…the Beerlantic Ocean, hahaha. I’ve befriended some of the kegs, although they don’t talk as much as me. Fred gets testy from time to time and leaks. Linda is patient with me though, she’s a good metal container to cry on when I realize that I’m stupid and have locked myself in a cargo container.

Day 9 : At last, freedom. Upon arriving at port I was immediately arrested and handed over to the authorities. Learning of my journey, Iceland has decided to throw a parade in honor of my bravery and courage. The legend of the Beerbox Stowaway will not die anytime soon.




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