The Past, Present, and Future of Great Beer Adventure; Entry 100

The Past, Present, and Future of Great Beer Adventure; Entry 100


Strap on your party hat and grab a pint glass – it’s the 100th episode of Great Beer Adventure. Amanda takes the spotlight in this episode as Tim Bissell runs her through the show at Dirigo Brewing. Tim has some interesting stats about Amanda’s show, but what I’m really interested in is how many beers she’s had since starting the podcast? What would the breakdown be in terms of style? We’ll be taking a look at the show’s history and also where it is going from here. Raise a glass for our beloved, adventuresome Disney Princess of Craft Beer.

The Great Beer Adventure Theme Park

So if you’ve tuned into the episode you heard Amanda talk about eventually wanting GBA to morph into a T.V. show at some point. That’d be totally awesome, right? But why stop there? I’m thinking the Great Beer Adventure needs its own theme park. I imagine the layout as this: the whole park is in the shape of Maine. A daunting, animatronic Johnny Cash plays guitar in the center of the park. There are fairy gardens rife with Tinkerbells and juicy IPAs that grow on trees. The fastest inverted roller coaster would be called “The Tap Line” and have pressurized, sealed cup holders for your beer. A wild river rapid ride would actually shoot you out downstream to the waterfall by Dirigo Brewing. Of course, your kids, dogs, dinosaurs, and aliens would all be welcome – just like the show!


The Great Beer Community

Amanda has seen first-hand how craft brew leeches into communities and fosters collaboration and friendship. It’s her goal to highlight these instances wherever she goes. So, you’re going to see a few changes to the show through the summer to focus on different aspects of the various brew scenes Amanda visits. That’s right, we’re talking Collage Episodes: show’s where multiple guests answer the same questions revolving around beer, the brewery start-up process, laws, and more in-depth discussions about certain styles of beer. The episodes will feature a cornerstone interview and also correspondents out and about across the country.

The Adventure Continues!

Thanks for hanging out with us. I’ve only been helping out for the last 30 episodes but so far it’s been a blast. The fun will continue through the summer and beyond. As Amanda would say, get out there and try something new. We’ll be chatting soon.

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