Roadtrippin’ to Mapcon 2017; Entry 108

Roadtrippin’ to Mapcon 2017; Entry 108


Fill your cooler and buckle up – we’re headed for a road trip edition of Great Beer Adventure to Mapcon 2017 in Swedesboro New Jersey. This is a podcaster’s conference through and through. You couldn’t find a better place to do some field recording, try out a new brewery, and make some new friends. With Maine beer in tow, Amanda and Clay Groves (Chief Executive Fish Nerd) from the Fish Nerds Podcast set out in the wee hours of morning to kick the adventure off.

Death of the Fox

After meeting Amanda (face to face) for the first time, we headed out with Clay to Death of the Fox Brewing Company, New Jersey’s first craft brewery coffeehouse combo. No foxes were harmed in the recording of this segment.

Death of the Fox Stout Death of the Fox Tory Death of the Fox Session

Mapcon 2017

If you’ve ever thought about getting into the podcast scene, Mapcon will be sure to convince you. This conference pulls you in, fills your imagination with microphones, co-hosts, interviews, and enough activities and conversation to wear out a room of ravenous toddler zombies. (If you think that’s weird, you should check out Amanda’s interview on Podcast Junkies.) Personally, it was amazing to finally meet Amanda and Heather Ordover, Chief Executive Bookworm from CraftLit, who I also work with. We had an amazing time, stayed up late, had some awesome beer, and made a ton of new friends. We all have to give a huge shout out to Super Joe Pardo for organizing the event. To say I’d be looking forward to next year would be an understatement.

What Do Bubbles Smell Like?

Perhaps the most pressing question of our modern era is what do bubbles smell like, but you already knew that, right? While this question made it into the episode – I didn’t get a chance to answer it. So here we go: in the beginning there was only one bubble. Massive, endless, rippled with rainbow sheen and awe. But then the bubble popped, creating an infinite number of smaller bubbles. Anytime a wayward bubble passes you by or you happen to blow one, you’re really just plucking it from an invisible field of bubbles that’s always around us. Okay, to the point Justin. No one really knows what bubbles smell like because you only ever smell the tiniest fraction of that grand bubble, the one from which all other bubbles were spawned. If I had to imagine what that one smelled like…I’d say it smelled a bit like a mossy seal sunning itself on a rock.

So next time you contemplate the bubbles in your brew, take a minute and thank the grand bubble of an age long past. We’d have no carbonation without it.



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  • Super Joe Pardo Posted September 28, 2017 4:36 pm

    Thank you so much for coming down and making this year unforgettable Amanda!! <3

  • Harry Duran Posted November 30, 2017 12:35 pm

    Your energy is infectious. Thanks again for coming on the show Amanda!

    • Amanda Doughty Posted January 19, 2018 11:07 am

      Thanks Harry!!! It was such fun!

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