Saco River Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio 006

Saco River Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio 006

Saco River Brewing broke onto the Maine beer scene in 2016. This brewery started at the Good Beer Store. Mason Irish and Kevin Antonucci came from a home brewing background. They started a home brewing club, called IBU. It’s like a book club or bridge club. Except, you know, with beer. So it’s way cooler, and frothier. The club took off and they ended up with a brewery, something that doesn’t happen with most other clubs.

Official Seal of Awesomeness | Saco River Brewing


Tip an extra hat to Saco River Brewing for establishing a dog-friendly and kid friendly brewery.

They brew mostly American and some Belgian style beer.


Customer Reviews:

Driftwood IPA – Nice hoppy bitter West Coast style IPA

Flip Flop IPA – Nice IPA. Hoppy, but not too much so, rich smooth body, and a tang of citrus. Good one!

Old Course Porter – On the milder side but a super smooth Porter.

Clearwater Pale Ale – Light beer with a bitter, tangy taste.

Sweet Fern Saison – Has a slight tang and a bit of grassiness. Plenty carbonated. Great beer.

Mason and Kevin are self-proclaimed hop heads. They like a hoppy beer, but it has to be well balanced. Not sticking to any style, they brew what they like. Striving to make beers that are flavorful and easily drinkable. They brew what they know what they like. Whether or not that will please the public, father time will tell.

Snow Patrol | Saco River Brewing

Snow Patrol | Saco River Brewing

Saco River Brewing happens to have a snowmobile trail nearby. The hope is that skiers and snowmobilers will come by and warm themselves by the fire pit this winter. Fire pits make great pit stops for the beer patrol. What’s the beer patrol you ask? See the image below. I imagine it’s operated by a one-eyed yeti.

First Beer Memories:

Kevin: Brewing beer with his mother–35 years ago. Kevin’s mother bought him a kit and supplies. Kevin stepped away for a little while. But got into all grain about 9 years ago. His first beer was…whatever he could find. In other words: not good beer.

Mason: Natty Light or Busch bar bottles. Maybe Golden Anniversary. It wasn’t what Mason would consider good beer or legal of age beer. Mason’s father was also a home brewer. He was trying to crack the code and clone Miller Lite. I don’t think they ever hit on the recipe, but Mason’s Mother said that it sure was one powerful headache maker.

This post was crafted while drinking Magic Hat’s Winter Mingle.


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